Why a Pediatric Dentist?

San Ramon Children's Dentistry And Orthodontics | Why A Pediatric DentistA specialist in pediatric dentistry has two to three years training following dental school, and is dedicated to the oral health of your child from infancy through the teenage years. Each stage of a child’s life (toddler, adolescents, and teenagers) requires different approaches in dealing with their behavior, guiding them through their dental growth and development, and helping them to avoid future dental problems. A pediatric dentist is uniquely trained and qualified to care for your child through each of these stages. Our goal is to “grow beautiful smiles”, and encourage your child to develop positive attitudes toward oral health that will continue throughout adulthood.

We make sure to encourage your child to develop positive attitudes towards oral health, such as brushing and flossing, and good eating habits that will continue into adulthood and make that smile last a lifetime.